Your privacy learning exerience,
Now simplified! / Just Got Simplified

Play our game, learn Privacy then switch your Apps.

Early Game build

The easier way
to learn privacy

Learning Privacy
is now easier!

We simplify your privacy learning experience

We Simplify
Your privacy
learning experience

We Simplify Learning experience

Privasim is a game that let you experience how internet privacy works in a fun and easy way, then you can switch to thousands privacy focused apps which are organized for you. 

Play our game, learn Privacy then switch your Apps.

Who Needs Privasim?

For Educators

Teaching Privacy is difficult. Most people have short attention span and some materials has no depth. Our simulator will help you in privacy awareness from data collection, data selling and other things.

For Tech Enterprise

Your costs on marketing will be reduce as Once people has played our game and understand how important privacy is, there will be need to find apps for safety and security purposes. We create the need while your app or service will fill that need.

From players, we convert them to your users.

For Everyone

As early 8 years old to 80 years old. this game is being designed so everybody can play and learn it. As we switch to a new normal life, we need to make things more Simpler and Safer.

For You

Get you and your family secured with these amazing privacy oriented apps that protects your personal information. Stay safe, Be safe.


Identity Recovery


For Work

We will help you a create a more privacy focused workplace in no time! From emails, work management, compliance and even blockchain related jobs! Set up in no time!


Work Management

Blockchain Jobs

For Crypto Trading

Your Cryptocurrency trading starter pack! Track the latest NEWS on crypto, manage your digital assets or get your business crypto ready! It doesn’t get easier than this!

Crypto Tax


Asset Management

Crypto For Business

Choose your app to collect data from users.

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Got Any Feedback?

How can you help?

Privasim’s goal is to spread awareness on how Internet Privacy works in a simple and fun way.  

The game is in very early stage of development, any feedback  or donation of any kind is greatly appreciated. We also wish to have collaboration and partnerships with anyone. You may contact us at or on our twitter account.

Got more questions? feedback? Just tweet us below and be part of the growing community. Because Privacy Matters.

Collaborate with us and get involved! Every feedback and donation will help! Follow us on twitter!

We Simplify

Your Privacy

Learning Experience