Help Your Students Learn Privacy Better

We help schools teach data privacy to students using game-based learning.

It’s Fun and Free for Schools!

Our Mission

We live in a more digital modern world where even young kids are using apps, browsing the internet without ever understanding that their data is being collected every time. Our goal is to teach the basics of data collection, privacy laws and web threats in a simplified and engaging way.

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How to Play?

Our first game will simulate how social media collects user data

and sell it to third-parties in an oversimplified way.

Get Users

Get many types of users like gamers, influencers or politicians.

Collect User Data

Collect personal data like email address, location data and gender.

Sell Data to third party

Get rich by selling data to a number of buyers like candy shop, scammers or government.

More to come!

We are collaborating with experts in the field to help students learn how complicated tech things work in a simplified way.