Our Mission

A fundraising collaboration for Non-Profit and Open Source Projects through NFT.

Each project can get 10 NFTs which can be minted for FREE


Stop Tracking me

Stop Tracking Me is a collection of 2000 unique generated social poster NFTs that sends message to Big Tech and organizations that track people on their devices without their consent. Privacy is not just about data collection but also how users are being manipulated into doing things in a subtle way. 


Collection: 2000 NFTs

Mint Price: 0 sol + gas fees

Royalty: 100% to the minter for life.

How it works?

Mint your NFTs

You will get access to mint 10 FREE NFTs once your project is verified.


List your NFT to a Marketplace

List your NFT to marketplaces and let your followers know.

Get funded once your NFT is sold

You can choose either sell it on a fixed price or through auction

Collaborating Teams

We are independent teams that are collaborating on this project. 


Helping students learn privacy better using game-based learning.



Earn dogecoin for everything that you do.


Helping artists create NFT collection without coding using a Free and Open Source Software

Minting Schedule

November 5

Each participants can mint 10 NFTs for free (just cover the gas fees)

Privasim Roadmap

Privasim’s goal is to help schools teach data privacy to students in a simplified way.

We don’t plan on charging schools as this will delay our mission. Instead, we are making NFTs to fund our project.


Continue the development of privacy simulator and begin pilot test to schools.


Launch Privasim to help schools create a data privacy learning program.


Launch Privasim to schools in foreign countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

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