Teach Privacy

We help educators teach data privacy

to students using games in a fun and easy way

What is Privasim?

Privasim is an indie game dev studio where we make games that teach data privacy, blockchain, internet of things, and different tech terms for educators, parents and students. Through game-based learning, we can educate the younger generation the importance of data privacy in a fun way.

K-12 students will learn these topics on our games which are currently in development

Who needs it?

For Educators

Save time and money, we provide the tools and additional resources that you need in teaching data privacy.

For Parents

Teach your children how internet privacy works so they can be truly safe while using the internet.

For Everyone

Our games is being design for K-12. So that all people from different ages can play and learn complex tech terms in a simple way.

Helpful apps for learning

We recommend you to use these apps which are privacy friendly.


Better than Zoom | More secure, more flexible, and completely free video conferencing


Better than Google Forms | privacy focused survey platform


Better than Messenger /Whatsapp | messaging app with an unexpected focus on privacy


Better than Google Search | Privacy-Focused Search Engine


Better than Chrome | Privacy-Focused Web Browser