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The Attention Span of your students are shrinking! With more engagement and less words, our game-based learning tool can help you teach your students learn data privacy  for FREE!

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Who can benefit?


You can help your students get understanding the basics of data collection and Data Privacy Act.

Legal Firms

If you are offering data privacy legal services, Privasim can help you get more clients by

Data Privacy Officers

You can help your organization get better understanding of data privacy.

Privacy Tools

You can help your target audience experience how data privacy works using a simulator.

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Why use Privasim?

FREE for Schools

No need to worry about budget decisions. Our partners and sponsors fund our development.

No Student data collection

Your students’ personal data is important and we don’t collect any personal data from them.

Less Words,
More Engagement

Students can have a short attention. Our tool will help your students continuously engaged throughout the learning process.

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