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For Privacy Friendly Services

Get effective results by showing your audience how internet privacy works using a simulator.

Who needs it?

For Data Protection Experts

Are you getting challenges on advising and guiding organizations on data protection process? The simulator allows you to train your staff easily on privacy policy and follow your process.

For Internet Privacy Educators

Are you having a difficulty teaching your students and need a better tool for privacy learning? Use game based learning to improve your the progress of your class.

For Privacy Friendly Enterprise

Are you spending too much on ineffective marketing and has not gain more users for a long time. Show your audience why they need to use your app in an engaging way.

Any questions or feedback?

Concept Art

Choose which app you will use to collect data from your users.

Easy to Play

Early Game build

Basic Gameplay

  • Acquire users.
  • Collect data
  • Sell the data.


Game Events

  • Data Tracking
  • Anti Trust Issues
  • Fake News
  • Data Leaks
  • Hacks
  • Ransomware

Collaborate with us!

Privasim aims to spread awareness on how internenet privacy works in a simple and engaging way.  We also plan to include real life scenarios such as credit card frauds, anti-trust issues and fake news into the game.  We hope to be a gateway to Web 3 where users have control over their own data. The game is in development and we appreciate any kind of support, collaboration or donation.

Send us an email on contact@privasim.com or follow us on our twitter.