Visualize Your Complex Topics, into Dynamic Data Flows Instantly For Engaging Presentations!

For Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and IT Topics

Flowmode is the AI Powered Presentations Tool that helps you engage your learners more effectively by visualizing your complex topics into interactive data flows and dynamic effects.

Dynamic Data Flow Visualizations For Engaging Presentations

Designed with a focus on ‘data flows’, Flowmode integrates features like animations, dynamic zoom, text-to-speech, and background music to elevate your presentations and engage your audience more effectively.


Awareness Training

Enhance your data privacy and information security awareness sessions. Show to your trainees how impactful cyberattacks and data leaks can be.


Content Marketing

Engage your followers more effectively by showcasing animated data flows and dynamic visuals and effects.


Client Sales Demonstration

Improve client conversion by demonstrating your data privacy and cybersecurity solutions in a visually dynamic and engaging way.


Class Presentations

Transform your research papers and extensive teaching materials into dynamic visuals to keep your students focused and engaged with your topics.

Why Flowmode?


Free Plan

$ 50
per month

Unlimited Data Flows

Upload files up to 5 pages

3D Graphs

Customizable Diagrams

Export Json File

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$ 180
per year | Lifetime Rate

Enjoy Everything in Free and Pro Plan

Collaborate with up to 5 members

Private Team Folder and Template Library

Lifetime Rate for Early Users

Pro Plan

$ 50
per month

Upload files up to 120 pages or 32mb.

Ready to use Template Library

Automate Data Flow Animations

Dynamic Presentation Effects

Access to GPT 4 and other LLM models

Free for Schools!

Enjoy FULL FREE ACCESS for your whole scholol staff to Flowmode by collaborating with us. We’ll seamlessly integrate Flowmode into your workflow, adapting to any of your use cases!

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