Create Engaging Data Flows in seconds!

Privasim enables you to easily create engaging data flows in just seconds that show how user data is collected, processed and shared helping your students understand the importance of data privacy.

Please note that our app is currently undergoing development, and changes may be implemented to enhance user experience.

Why use Privasim?
Data should underlie every business decision. Yet too often some very cultural artifacts really lead the business down the certain routes.

Save More Time

Privasim helps you save time by creating data flows in just seconds, allowing you to devote more energy to devising exciting lessons and bringing them to life. This enables you to focus on what really matters to you

Fully Customizable

You can easily customize your modules to better suit your topics and curriculum, ensuring that your students or employees learn more effectively.

Multiple Uses

Whether you're a K-12 teacher, corporate trainer, or digital marketer, our data flow simulator can be tailored to fit your specific needs for a better learning experience


An engaging data flow can help your students learn the material more effectively and quickly without overwhelming the learners with too much information. 

Cross Border Data Transfer

Help your students understand the basics of international data transfer, including understanding the regulations, laws, and protocols that govern data flows.

Supply Chain Security

Supply chain security is a critical component of any business. In today's globalized economy, companies need to be able to protect their data and products from malicious actors and ensure that their supply chain operations run smoothly.

Phishing and Cyberattacks

The data flow simulator provides an interactive environment for users to learn about the different types of attacks and phishing techniques. It begins by providing a visual representation of the data that is flowing in and out of the system, including what types of information is being sent and received. This allows users to see how their data is being used, as well as

Data Processing Transparency

Show your customers how you process their user data with Privasim; it gives them comfort and peace of mind knowing their information is safe and secure. Use Privasim to build trust with potential clients and get more business!

Frequently Asked Questions
GEMs are robotics algorithm for modules that built and optimized for NVIDIA Jetson AGX platform. Data should underlie every business decision.
What is a data flow simulator?

A data flow simulator is a tool that allows you to create interactive simulations of how data is collected, processed, and shared, providing a unique learning experience.

What is the pricing plan?

Our pricing plan will be announced soon. Stay tuned for updates!

How can I access your product?

Our product is currently accessible through our web app. Simply visit our website and sign up to start using the data flow simulator.

Can we do a partnership?

Yes, we are open to partnerships! If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please reach out to us at

How does the data flow simulator support active and immersive learning?

We use a concept called “Flow State” to create an engaging and immersive learning experience for our users. This allows learners to focus, remain motivated and achieve optimal performance while using our tool.

Can the data flow simulator be integrated with other LMS or platforms?

Yes, we are currently working on integrating our tool with other Learning Management Systems (LMS) and platforms. Stay tuned for updates!

Is the data flow simulator appropriate for learners of all ages?
  • Yes, our tool is appropriate for learners of all ages who are able to use a computer.
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Are you looking to enhance your training or content marketing with a tool that can help you create engaging data flows within seconds?

Look no further than our Data Flow Simulator! Our easy-to-use platform allows you to create various data flow scenarios to educate your employees, students or audience on important topics like data privacy, cyber security, supply chain, customer and employee privacy, data protection laws, social media, and misinformation.

We’re here to help you every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing support, to ensure that you achieve the best possible results.