Transform Your Text-Heavy Documents
Into Dynamic Diagrams Instantly!

Help your learners stay focused and engaged during your presentations! Turn any text-heavy statements into dynamic data flows, charts, bar graphs and more!

AI Powered Features

Flowmode let’s you visualize your complex topics during presentations. Specially when doing class presentations, security awareness and pitching solutions to clients.

Just Highlight the text and choose an action

Just select any statement and highlight it. You can create diagrams, ask the chatbot or search the internet.

Dynamic Diagram Effects

Activate Data Flow Animations, Sound effects, text to speech and more!

Collaborate with your Team, in one folder

Teamwork Made Easy: Centralize Documents in a Shared, Collaborative Folder


Flowmode is a great way in presenting complex topics and turning them into dynamic visuals in seconds.

Class Discussion

Security Awareness Session

Pitching Solutions to Clients

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